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Hello! We are Mary & Max Slipchenko and we love fitness, martial arts and healthy lifestyle. We moved from Ukraine (Kiev) to USA (California) in 2013. So now we live in Orange County (Irvine) and we love this place. We grew up in the same city and trained in the same gym, where we met in 2000. We have Sports and Physical Education degrees, we are certified nutritionists and have over 15 years of experience of helping people to reshape their bodies and stay healthy and fit. We are the authors of "Thai Boxing For You" and "Muay Thai Training System" on the iBook Store and Amazon. We also created applications - "Thai Boxing For You" and "21Fitday" on the App Store. So we have created our own system – "21FITDAY Body Transformation Program" that is comprised of nutrition and training, to help people achieve their ultimate goal: "look and feel great". We decided to share our knowledge with you and created this website. Our mission is to help in your fitness journey, show you how to avoid mistakes and achieve excellent result!

Feel free to leave comments and contact us!

Sincerely, Mary & Max Slipchenko

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  • Muay Thai

    8/21/2016 1:57:41 PM |

    Muay Thai www.muaythaiteacher.com is also a very cultural sport and has a great history and many traditions. Have you ever wondered what do the arm and head bands mean and why are the fighters wearing them?

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